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🗓 2nd June 2021
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Fun fact: Neuroscientists don’t understand consciousness very well at all.

How does a blob of organic matter create the vivid experience of the concious mind?

From experiencing the world, dreaming, spontaneously creating thoughts, through to feelings… which come from the mind, and can miraculously erupt into a racing heart, shortness of breath, physical responses to concious thoughts.

Like nueroscientists pondering conciousness, I also wonder how a strange blob of organic matter (me), can think, form opinions, dream, and have occasionaly original thoughts.

It’s all really uncomfortably weird, in the truest definition of the word, and I don’t recommend you think about it too deeply or for too long.

Blob, think.

One Nueroscientist, Anil Seth, described trying to listen to the brain with scientific equipment as being like:

“Hanging a microphone from a plane, and trying to record a single voice in a crowded field of people talking to each other, miles below.”

It’s comforting then, to know that our inner-selves aren’t the only ones having trouble knowing which part of the brain to pay attention to; and that with all the world’s electrodes and computing power and years of research - we’d still have trouble filtering out the useful voices from the chorus of mental chatter.

Condensing thoughts through writing.

My thoughts are clouds, in the distance, hovering over the folds of my brain.

They’re nebulous and frustratingly difficult to articulate - what do I think about X?

Writing is the antidote. Sit, think deeply, consider your point over and over again, a thousand times. Let the draft sit for a few days, read something new - hike to a new mental viewpoint, reveal a new perspective, re-write, re-articulate - and eventually a clear and focused thought crystallises.

Until you write the next thing.


This short post was inspired by an incredible documentary I highly recommend you watch: “The Most Unkown”. Which, you guessed it, is about the concepts and fields in science which we know the least about.

Ciao for now x

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