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I can have no excuses for not writing now

🗓 14th September 2022

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Hi there,

I’m writing this on my new iPhone 14 Pro. It’s been three years since I had a “new phone experience”, and lemme tell ya: it’s pretty nice.

Working Copy

Working Copy is a fully-featured git client on iOS. And it includes a neat little text editor which looks completely beautiful.

With working copy I cam sync git repositories to my phone over 5G in seconds, then create or modify files, and commit the results.

The whole experience is incredibly slick.

Publishing from iOS is a Gatsby site that builds on Netlify, so through the simple act of committing to the main branch, Netlify will rebuild and publish the site. Genius!

Final thoughts

I haven’t actually tried the publishing step. I’m in a cafe in Bristol and I’m going to give it a go.

Update: Things i struggled with in publishing:

  1. On iOS the default keyboard and “smart punctuation” will change --- to a long dash: , which breaks the frontmatter definitions on my blog.
  2. The same settings set "" quotes to “” quotes, which ALSO breaks the frontmatter definitions at the top of the file.

So far I’ve fixed the errors on my Laptop, I will need to investigate a fix when working from iOS.

Fix for MDX Formatting issues

Well it turns out the smart folks at Working Copy had already though of that.

They have the option to disable “natural” writing features and switch to “programming” mode in the app settings.


Final tip: Use “programming” mode for writing the frontmatter, and switch back to “natural” for the bulk of your text. Make use of autocorrect and predictive text for the body of your post.

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